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Do UFOs exist? If the truth is out there – A team of Space experts at NASA are ready to find out. 

In 1996 citizens of Varginha, Brazil, reported seeing a UFO crash and possible aliens, survivors. Filmmaker James Fox investigate those claims in his new film “Moment of Contact.” 

An interview HLN’s Susan Hendricks talks to Fox about this alleged “Close Encounter of the Third (3.º) kind” and NASA’s new 9-month study into more recent, military, UFOs or UAPs ( Unidentified Arial Phenomenon) sightings.

Hendricks: Earlier this week NASA announced it has launched an independent study into UFOs. One of the researchers on the team is retired NASA astronaut Scott Kelly. They will analyze data – the group isn’t trying to determine exactly what UFOs are but they’re going to try to hash out exactly how NASA should study the phenomenon moving forward against studying that data is out there. I spoke to James Fox the director and producer of the film ‘Moment of Contact’ to get his thoughts on what NASA is undertaking foreign. 

Fox: “My thoughts on Bill Nelson, it’s been rumbling now for over a year, Bill Nelson the head of NASA has made some starling statements regarding the Phenomenon. I mean, he was basically, look: ‘these things are real, we don’t know what they are. We should find out.’ And I think dates back to when he sat on the senate, it’s a senate select committee on intelligence and as a senator he was debriefed – ‘I’m told of stuffs that was remains classified and so I am a little disappointed that NASA is not going to have access to the classified information.’ Because when I met with Senator Harry Reid, the former Senate Majority Leader he told me that it’s been released – he told me this on camera what’s been released is only the tip of the iceberg, the classified stuff is the most compelling evidence and that’s the stuff that we would really like to see.”  

Hendricks: So in 2022, were you thinking to yourself in the general population ‘it’s about time that this is happening’ and do people call you, friends, colleagues and say: ‘we knew this was coming’ where we are now? 

Fox: Well you know, surprisingly I never thought, I could’t imagine that we would be discussing it, you know potential UFO-crashes, recovery of bodies and debris and ‘close encounters of the third kind’ but I will remind the audience that the United States Air Force in the 50s and 60s with the help of Dr J. Allen Hynek who was their scientific advisor classified UFO reports is classified as ‘close encounters of the first kind’, when someone reports a ‘UFO close encounters of the second kind’, when someone reports a UFO and that UFO interacts with the environment very similar to what happened in 2004 with the Nimitz case of the coast of San Diego where the pilot David Fravor for the Navy describes seeing this thing with three other pilots recording it on his cockpit recording devices and picking it up both on Airborne radar and ground to air radar, so extremely compelling evidence, but one thing that’s not being discussed today are ‘close encounters of the third kind’ and again I remind you guys that these are classifications that the United States Air Force in the 50s, 60s and yet, they are not being discussed today.

Hendricks: Two-prong question: When did your fascination or your studies begin in your life? What do you say to doubters if you say anything at all?

Fox: Well, you know, I totally understand a skeptical point of view, I think it’s a healthy point of view and it’s what’s needed is this kind of crazy world of UAPs, UFOs… however I say, suspend judgment, listen to the eyewitness testimony, particularly military, civilians as well and draw your own conclusions… look, we’ve got photographic that’s a fact cockpit recorded evidence, radar conformation, visual confirmation and we have the intelligence communities and the military stating that these things are real. We just don’t know what it is. Now, there are some talk periodically of oh well, It could be China, it could be Russia… Well, I actually went to Russia and I went to China and spoke to Generals in both of those places and they are like, ‘Yeah, it’s not us!’. 

Hendricks: As a child, this begin and when did you start kind of deep diving into to this? 

Fox: No. I started looking into it when the Roswell incident was really making headline news back in during the Clinton Administration. You know, it was coming up on the 50th anniversary and there were all these conferences and I thought, ‘you’ve got be kidding me, how could this possibly, how could a UFO crash and bodies recovered and the whole world wouldn’t know about it’ – I just had a really hard time believing it but the more I started digging into it, the more military witnesses were coming forward and then you had the sixth man to walk on the moon – Dr Edgar Mitchell Apollo  14 and he really kind of inspired me and I thought well, I will do a film on the topic, I will figure out what’s going on, perhaps we’re getting periodic visitation and the governments for whatever reason are covering this up for the general public but here I am – six films later and I still don’t know what’s going on. There’s clearly objects of Unknown origin that are whizzing around with impunity, they exhibit a technology that is far beyond anything that we have. I mean, listen to David Fravor describe a cat and mouth chase with this thing, a Tic Tac with no wings, no tail, no visible means propulsion, the ability to hover accelerate from a standstill to add a sight and a blink of an eye and do right angled turns at high speeds and all this without any weight, without any noise, without any visible means propulsion at all.

We simply don’t have that and we’ve and we haven’t had that and that’s the observed technology dating back, you know at least the 1947 of people would say a lot further than that. So, The ‘Phenomenon’ is real, it’s Global, we should find out what it is, we should put more resources at it and be had more transparency, I am a firm believer in that. 

Hendricks: If anyone is to sway a skeptic it certainly is you James Fox, thanks.

Fox: Thank you so much for having me on and hope you enjoy ‘Moment of Contact’. 

It is available his new film ‘Moment of Contact’ you can see it on Amazon Prime and Voodoo and more. 

Translations/Transcriptions by Fernanda Pires ‘Moment of Contact’ Co-Producer. https://cife.ca/moment-of-contact-2022/

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      Muito obrigada Nobre Antônio Teixeira por prestigiar o nosso Site CIFE (Canal Informativo de Fontes/Fenomênos Extraterrestres e Espacias).

  • Roxelle Lamour de Oliveira Sass

    That’s a very interesting case. The evidences are all there, and does not lie. What the army is hiding from public, is something that have the power to change our society, from the way that we know it today. I cannot wait to watch the documentary. Thanks for posting.

    • Fernanda Pires

      Thanks a lot Roxelle for your comment. There is a lot more to discover from this incident. The quantity and details from witnesses testimonies is mind blowing. Something real happened in 1996 Varginha, Brazil, which this documentary truly proves. James Fox’s team has been working tireless on this documentary.
      No matter people’s standpoint on UFO/UAP, lots of things has happened and keeps happening.

      You can watch Moment of Contact Documentary now. Streaming platforms available: Amazon Prime Video, Tubi, Itunes, Vudu, Apple TV, and more…

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