Is there intelligent life on other planets?

Since human beings began to ponder the big questions and the desire to understand what exists beyond our solar system –  whether or not we are alone in this universe, and also knowing that there are billions and billions of stars in the universe, with many planets capable of sustaining life and intelligence, It’s highly unlikely we’re alone in the universe. 

Based on UFO researches, ufologists from Uberaba, São Paulo and Canada did a field investigation on September 28/29th, Saturday and Sunday respectively. The event was held by the Field investigators Fernanda Pires, Victor Hugo ‘Field investigator of UFO Magazine’, ufologists Andrade, Doctor Sampaio, Marcus Lázaro and our guest Misma Couto. In addition, specials guests as geologists, archaeologists and astronomers were in the town of Peirópolis, which is 30km from Uberaba, Minas Gerais, Brazil. 

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The itinerary tour in the archaeological city included the steps on how to proceed with field investigation equipments, speech about UFO’s, field investigation training, meditation and hiking through places where the extraterrestrial presence could possibitly be during the Saturday night event. 

Thus, in addition to evaluating the whole context, the ufologists did a deepen comprehensive research on astronomy and archeology the day after. 

Events like this that attracts many researchers linked to ufology that guarantee strong evidences extraterrestrial life existence. However, unexpectedly on both outward and return we could feel the known signs of something supernatural due to the appearance of owls along the way. 

Coincidentally or not, usually owls are often seen an alien abduction. Now, this is most likely just a coincidence, but I probably haven’t seen an owl in the wild in at least a decade. Owls are a connection to UFO encounters and synchronocities. Regardless, humans have been fascinated with this nocturnal bird since the paleolithic and it can be frequently mentioning in hypnosis session. Owls also appears in the “The Fourth Kind” movie which is a pseudo-movie “based on a true story”. 

CIFE Scientific Channel of UFOs Phenomena and Space Research – Fernanda Pires Photo

Whatever, as a result to our field investigation, it was possible to see the Small Magellanic Cloud, one of the Milky Way’s so-called ‘satellite galaxies’, and also an unidentified flying object on a slow movements towards North South.    


The equipments are extremely important and helpful to the UFO investigation. We had practical and possible kit with us. It was required:

• binoculars,

• compass,

• flashlight,

• Camera,

• telescope 

• Maps, calculator, Cells phones, first aid kit and insect repellent, which goes without saying the personal use and equipments in need.  

Camera is a powerful tool to register UFO’s phenomena, as well as to have more details in the records.

After the event, the field investigators gathered to discuss about UFO’s contact, also analyses the evidence of alien encounter and talk about the endless possibilities of life in the unimaginable vast universe. 

According to Fernanda Pires, ufology is in absolutely everything. It’s in our DNA. Studying ufology, astronomy and archaeology is to discover human existence itself. 

Source / Director Fernanda Pires


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